Huumi Humidifier

Important Information

Operational Guidelines

  • Please use tap water only (Do not use distilled or bottled water).

  • Do not use essential oils or any other substance in the water tank (It is not an oil diffuser).

  • Always ensure the cotton filter is fully soaked before use (Remove the filter from its case and soak in a bowl of water before first use). It can also help to flip the filter the other way around every few days to ensure that it remains evenly soaked.

  • Please clean the inside of your Huumi Humidifier at least once per week.

  • If you are experiencing a small amount of mist being emitted or a sputtering/uneven flow of mist, please remove the cotton filter and re-soak it in water. You also need to ensure that the filter touches the top end of the filtration system (Do this by pushing the filter casing on, as far up as possible).

  • Please do not fill the water tank higher than the 'max' water level indicator on the side of the Huumi Humidifier.

Cleaning your Huumi Humidifier

Please clean your Huumi Humidifier at least once a week to ensure that any build up of minerals or bacteria is removed from the device.

This is a simple process that does not require much hard work on your behalf :) 

  • Separate the water tank from the top component by twisting each component away from each other

  • Empty the water out of the water tank and wipe clean with a cloth

  • Fill the water tank with white vinegar and let this sit for 30-60 minutes

  • Empty the vinegar out of the water tank and then give it a final rinse with water to finish (Use a cloth to wipe of any potential build up within the tank) 

  • Lastly, we recommend removing the filter cartridge from the top unit and soaking this in vinegar as well for a short period of time, then rinsing it in water to finish.

* Please ensure that your Huumi is turned off before cleaning

* Please do not use any chemicals in the cleaning process

Filter replacement frequency

For optimal performance and device maintenance, we recommend the following:

  • Moderate usage (2-3 times per week) - Change filter every 6 months

  • Frequent usage (Every day) - Change filter every 3 months

Where to purchase additional filters?
Please email us at contact@huumi.co when you are in need of some additional cotton filters for your Huumi, and we will organise them to be sent out to you.

Our manufacturer has kindly agreed to send our customers cotton filter replacements directly from their factory to your door. This allows us to provide you with the replacement filters at wholesale price ($4 USD for 10x cotton filters, free postage).

Product Warnings/Cautions

  • Please keep the device (and any parts) out of reach of children and animals at alltimes

  • Always turn the power off while cleaning your device

  • Always measure the humidity level in your house/room to ensure that you do notover humidify your household/room

  • Do not use toxic chemicals when cleaning the inside of the Humidifier